Welcome to Sweethog Farm! Our family farm, owned and operated by Steve and Jen Hollinger, is located in Adams County, PA. 


      The pastures are home to our heritage Old Spot and        Tamworth pigs. These pigs are known for their natural       ability to thrive in an outdoor environment. They spend     their days rooting, foraging, and lounging in the wallows.


     Besides foraging for what nature provides, the livestock    enjoys local grains, fruits and vegetables. There are NO antibiotics, NO hormones, NO preservatives in the feed provided.                                    


      Pasture raised, heritage breed hogs are known to be the most delicious pork you will ever eat.


      Our family enjoys the luxury of being able to grow our own food and know where it comes from. 

      We invite you to buy local, humanely raised food for your family from a reliable source.



What's happening at Sweethog Farm
     There's always something going on here!

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